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Fossil’s Meta watch hits FCC, passes with A+

Damian Estrada August 25, 2011 Android, Nerd No Comments

Oh that’s so META. You ever look at your wristwatch (if you are one of 500 people who still have one) and think “If only I could see how many emails/text I have or the weather?” I know I have. Fossil has created the two watches, one analog and one digital. The watches sync with your Android smartphone/tablet via a Texas Instruments CC2560 controller. They are a “Development platform” product, this means that until enough apps are developed for the watches. You can click over to Texas instruments site and grab one for $199.99 with a release date of September 29th.

Sooner than later you will be able to walk into your local Fossil store and pick up one of these babies. If only they were Tron blue LEDs.

Source: Engadget

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