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Microsoft Making Moves Hires Youtube Fan Artist (Video)

Chris Collazo August 11, 2011 Microsoft, Nokia, WP7 No Comments

Just to add to the many smart moves Microsoft has been making lately, they have just hired Brandon Foy, an everyday Joe like me or you with tremendous talent. He posted his “We Love WP7″ video edited by him on You Tube. Shortly after he found his video had reached over 150,000 views. Microsoft took notice and offered him a challenge; to create a MIX11 keynote video. If the video reached 200,000 views on You Tube, they would air it as a national TV commercial. Apparently Microsoft couldn’t let such talent slip away so they hired him on to the company’s UX design team.

Brandon Foy is a freelance graphic designer based in Florida and also attended Full Sail University for Motion Graphics + Compositing.

It’s great to see Micro continue the trend of being very involved with the internet community scouring the net, offering WP7 devices to individuals having problems with their Android devices and getting lots of feedback on what the people don’t like and want. Not to mention the many active developers on twitter tweeting all about WP7 and what’s going on behind the scenes. All in all Micro continues to move in the right direction. I think I speak for everyone when I say that I am excited to get my hands on the upcoming new WP7 devices with the all new Mango OS.

Check out Brandon Foy’s video below. We here at Noble Press were very impressed with the quality of the video and I strongly feel he can help continue putting Microsoft in the right direction. Show your support and help him to get to that 200,000 mark.





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