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Nintendo 3DS Price Cut Now $169.99. Nintendo Runs for The Hills.

Chris Collazo August 1, 2011 Nintendo, Nintendo 3DS No Comments

In recent news, Nintendo decided to dramatically cut the price of the Nintendo 3DS. It was at $249.99 now dropped by more than 30% to $169.99. For those of you in Japan, the price is cut from ¥25,000 ($317) to ¥15,000 ($190). Does this make the 3DS any more appealing? I think not. This all seems like more than a coincidence that Nintendo slashes their prices in light of rumors that the PSPVITA will be coming in September. It appears that Nintendo is getting ready for the ass kicking that Sony Computer Entertainment will inevitability bring. I admit however that at $169 I might even consider grabbing one and watch it collect dust. Nintendo is falling behind and it is boldly apparent that the lack of hardware and the inability to cater to the hardcore gamers will become their downfall.

This is the dawning of a new age kids. Nintendo is on track to no longer be the handheld king. If you’re still itching for a 3DS, by all means go grab one since they are now a better buy; but don’t say I didn’t warn you. On the bright side for those who made the $249 plunge Nintendo is offering 20 free downloadable games for making a bad choice!

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