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Rumor: 3DS redesign/analog stick attachment

Casey Lawton August 23, 2011 Games, Nintendo 3DS No Comments

According to a French site 01net.com, Nintendo has an attachable analog stick add-on for their 3DS in the works. The attachment is rumored to be priced at $10.00. If this is an attachment to give the 3DS dual analog capability then that would be pretty huge. Not only because that would give far better control of games and make first person shooters actually worth putting on the system but also because this would be a public statement from Nintendo saying yes we really did screw up. Could this be in response to Activision putting the new Modern Warfare 3 on the DS instead of the 3DS? Clearly Activision would have been a bit more motivated to bring the enormously popular game to the 3DS if the system could actually control the game like on a home consol. Although this attachment would give superior controls, I really can’t imagine how this new attachment would work or how comfortable it would be, let alone how ugly it would look.

Along with the new attachment 01net.com is also reporting a complete new design for the 3DS is also in the works for 2012 launch. The new design is rumored to be less focused on the 3D functionality, which would be smart considering how badly it was perceived by the media and public. Many thought the new system was just a 3D upgrade to the DS and the media perceived it to be bad for your eyes. 01net.com has been right on rumors in the past, although this one seems to be a long shot. However, it would make sense to release an attachment analog stick if the new design features dual analog or circle pad controls. This would at least save a little face with all the fans that would be royally pissed off. It will be interesting to see if this rumor pans out, but if there’s any truth to it then it just goes to show the major course correction Nintendo is going through to fix a couple years worth of bad decisions.

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