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The Dark Knight Rises: Catwoman Images; An Anne Hathaway Adventure

Damian Estrada August 5, 2011 Nerd No Comments

When Anne Hathaway was announced as the new Catwoman, the hearts of the internet and fanboys alike sunk into a dark oblivion. Then this concept image got pushed out and some hearts were brought back to light. All things were fine and stable.

The Dark Knight Rises trailer sufficed, brought tears and joy to Gotham. Tom Hardy as Bane is mint; Bane beating down Batman is perfect. It’s all brilliant and what we want! The buzz around The Dark Knight Rises was restored to its pristine condition. A true Christopher Nolan production.

Then this image surfaces this morning and now my heart skipped a beat. Not in a positive way either. What’s with the glasses? Why the pod? What happened the suit? What happened to the cleavage. Where is the dirty sexy Catwoman of Batman’s past. This is just one image, she is on an awkward motorcycle-like vehicle. In her defense, the cleavage is blocked by the bike. I don’t mean to objectify Catwoman; but it is Catwoman we’re talking about.

Check some unofficial images.


Official Image – Click for Full Resolution



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