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WTF Did you expect?: iPhone 4S Edition

Damian Estrada October 5, 2011 Gadgets, iOS, iPhone No Comments

Did Apple fail us?

Oh how the internet went to RAGE yesterday after the announcement of the iPhone 4S. Everyone wanted a iPhone with 4 inch screen, new design, dual-core, 1GB of RAM, and a nicer camera. What did we get? We got “bull shit”. They gave us a “POS”. They decided to give us everything we wanted except a larger screen. What was Apple thinking? Did they assume that they could go another cycle without updating the display? Granted the iPhone 4/4S still has one of the best displays on the market. Did they really think they could give us a new phone without a larger screen? Yes, they can and they have. They will sell just as many as they have sold previously.

Android phones have grown in size literally and figuratively. The displays keep getting larger, sadly the pixels stay relatively the same density (this is besides the point.). I personally love the idea of a larger screen on my cell phone. I don’t know if I could be of the brave that commits to a 4.5 inch screen but I would most defiantly throw down on a 4 inch display. I was ready to pre-order, wait in line for hours and obtain my iPhone 5. Now I don’t think I am going to latch on to this cycle of the iPhone. Please do not get me wrong though. The iPhone 4S is an amazing phone, it’s just as competitive as any other phone on the market or coming to market. The problem that Apple faces is that the consumer wanted a larger screen and a redesign. They hit everything else that we asked for but managed to miss the key feature thats “hot” right now.

Why can’t we haz?

Why was is it so difficult to blow the screen up and throw that sucker on a new body? My guess, somewhat educated, is that Apple does not have a good solution on how to upscale its applications. The horrid (x2) version of up-scaling the iPad has is a piss poor solution. The only way to introduce a new screen would be to introduce a new resolution for applications. This offers up problems for developers, problems that many developers would face and overcome. To push forward with a larger screen Apple would have to prep developers with a new SDK for the device. Something that was not seeded in the release of iOS5 BETA. To be honest we should have all seen this coming. Sure you can say that with the current resolution you could still have a great display and current sized apps. The problem is that Apple would lose its “retina display” if the pixels vs screen size would differentiate.


In no way do I think this is actually what stopped the production of the 4inch screen iPhone 5. I believe it could be the reason Apple might give the press if they started to get bombarded with questions about it. Though to be honest I don’t believe Apple answers to anyone.



The assistant application is amazing, brilliant, great, and possibly revolutionary. Hands down this app will not save iOS and will not help build market share. Siri is a powerful tool and much needed feature to iOS. Android has been packing voice assisted devices for a long while now. If you watch the ads for the iPhone 4S you will see them touting the Siri Assistant as a feature of the device. How do you make an “app” a feature of a device? Well, the only company on earth than can make software exclusive to hardware has done it again. The new Siri assistant is only available on the iPhone 4S, not just an iOS5 feature. If Apple keeps pulling shit like this they will become the next Web OS. I understand that the app may need the dual-core to process the information effectively but they could have added a crippled version of the app for iPhone 4 and 3GS.

Why u want so much money??!?!?

You have to realize that Apple is in the business of making money. Apple can release small iterative updates to the iPhone line and still rake in record-breaking numbers and sales. My personal belief is that Apple is converging its desktop OS (Lion) and its mobile os (iOS5) into a tighter relationship. Much like Windows 8, XBox, and Windows Phone 7. The problem is that they are going about it all wrong. Now was the time for Apple to hit hard to keep the high-end users and the tech fanatics. They missed horribly this cycle unless they drop a phone before the holidays (that would make 4S users RAGE) they have lost the battle and this may lead to them losing the war. It will be interesting to see if developers move from the iOS platform to more appealing platforms such as Android and WP7.

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