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First Impressions of the Diablo III Beta

Josh Mayate December 10, 2011 Computers, Diablo III, Games, iOS Games, Nerd, PC No Comments

Blizzard Entertainment finally began giving out access codes to their closed beta test of Diablo III, the next installment for the realm of Diablo that took almost a decade to be released. Noble Press is fortunate to have obtained an access code and give you an in-depth look into what Diablo III has to offer as well as give our first impressions of the game as well. Being an experienced player who has played the two previous games (Diablo and Diablo II), Diablo III is not a disappointment at all and lives up to the what you would expect from a traditional Diablo game, but topped with new content, new skills, an improved gameplay experience, and a “hell” of a good time slaying demons with your friends.

The adventure begins in the outskirts of a town called New Tristram fighting the resurrecting zombies. The guards allow you access into town where you will encounter Deckard Cain’s niece Leah. She is a young woman requesting your assistance in finding and rescuing Deckard Cain from the cathedral in Old Tristram which is decayed and decomposed from abandonment. New Tristram is the main town of the game where players can interact with the many Artisans, forge special armor by providing the right materials to the blacksmith, and buy armor, weapons, potions, and Identify Scrolls from the innkeeper

Gameplay in Diablo III is what you would expect from a traditional Diablo game: stock up in town, obtain a quest, leave into the wilderness, and slay the demons of the night. Blizzard did not want to change much of this aspect of the game as this is what Diablo is known for, however they added new skills and enhanced the gameplay experience to bring hell onto those who cross your path.

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