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No Blizzcon for anybody

Dominick Vitelli January 25, 2012 Computers, Diablo III, Games No Comments


The official statement:

Blizzard Entertainment is proud to announce the 2012 Battle.net World Championship, a major global eSports event featuring some of the best pro-gaming competition in the world.Slated to take place in Asia toward the end of 2012, the Battle.net World Championship will host this year’s StarCraft II and World of Warcraft Arena World Championship tournaments. Blizzard gamers and eSports fans from around the world will be invited to attend and witness some of the most skilled pro players on the planet battle it out for cash and glory.

We’re excited to be showcasing Blizzard eSports on a truly global stage this year. We’re also heavily focused on getting Diablo IIIMists of Pandaria, and Heart of the Swarm into players’ hands as soon as possibleIn light of our jam-packed schedule, we’ve decided to hold the next BlizzCon in 2013.

More details about the 2012 Battle.net World Championship and BlizzCon 2013, including specific dates and locations, will be coming in the months ahead.

This news worries me. After Steve Parker, the Diablo 3 senior producer, announced his resignation on twitter five days ago, I’ve been afraid of problems with Diablo 3. While he seems to have left on good terms with Blizzard, maybe multiple system and design changes have led to problems in the board room? This game has been in production for what seems like forever. The fans are biting at the heels of Blizzard for a release date and the pressure may be mounting. Who knows though? Might just be a better job waiting for him somewhere.

At least with the World Championship tournament we can get some great E-sport action. Nothing better than some Starcraft 2 and popcorn.

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