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Retro Game Review: Heavy Rain (Playstation 3)

Danny Hauger January 23, 2012 PlayStation 3 No Comments

This is a video game review for the new Playstation 3 game Heavy Rain and an evaluation of the replay value of the game.  I had high expectations for this based on the buzz of rave reviews from Gamespot and IGN.  Overall I was only somewhat impressed with this offering from Quantic Dream studios. Be wary of a very slow start before you really get rolling.

This powerful gaming epic starts out with a long draw to set up the mystery of the storyline and introduces the main character in vivid detail.  I have to say that this game was as slow of a start that I have ever experienced, almost to the point of wanting to walk away after almost an hour of storytelling sequences. I am very glad that I did not. This totally unique scheme of unraveling a story out of linear order with no clear line of connection was an enthralling way to experience a video game.
The graphics engine of this game and details of models and faces were extraordinary.  The faces and expressions are carefully produced and well synchronized to the words spoken by the characters on screen.  I really enjoyed the reactions to news and storytelling as the characters seem to think things out on screen.

The flashing icons through the game give the players additional clues and pieces of the story that you have to react through while playing the game.  This is great for keeping the story going through drier parts of the game.  Controlling four characters also breaks up the monotony.

This game offers a great experience for players of storytelling games to treasure.  The music is fantastic and fits the mood of the game very well.  This game offers a movie like experience with the fun of controlling the outcome and thinking through the logic of the game.
The journey for love begins to track with the game player and create a connection with the main player that is forged through each scene and plot point.  The interactive drama progresses as the game goes on.  Without spoiling anything in the game, I was shocked to find out that main characters of the game can actually die which eliminates every point of contact in the future that will certainly affect the outcome of the game.  There are plenty of villains throughout the game to challenge your progress and affect the outcome of the game.

Overall this game is a solid B+ for effort and originality that occasionally gets a bit stale but is overall a pioneering blend of an interactive story.

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