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Sprint Pushes More Security Updates

Corey Murillo January 20, 2012 Android, Companies, Phones, Security No Comments

Sprint seems to be staying true to their word and have been issuing updates to their Android devices.  Although I’m not sure how much their word is worth after installing Carrier IQ on millions of devices.

Earlier this week Sprint pushed their “security update” to the HTC Evo 3D removing the highly controversial software Carrier IQ.  The HTC Evo 4G and HTC Evo Design 4G are the next phones scheduled to receive their over-the-air updates.  The offiicial changelogs are below.  As you can see they don’t explicitly state that they are removing Carrier IQ.  However, after reading Sprint’s press release I’m sure “security update” is corporate speak for: “We apologize for secretly installing spyware on your phone.”

It would also appear that Samsung’s Epic 4G will also be receiving a similar update in the coming days.  Not sure why they can’t all be pushed at the same time, but hey, Sprint’s network is fragile.

HTC EVO 4G Software Update – 4.67.651.3


- Security Update

- Updated Peep client ( to align with Twitter)

- Battery life improvements

HTC EVO Design 4G Software Update – 2.12.651.5


- Security Update

- Updated Peep client (to align with Twitter)

- Updated Sprint Zone client

- Battery life improvements

- 3LM Enterprise Tool Access (no user interface changes)

Samsung Epic™ 4G Software Update – EL30


- Security update

- Speaker feedback fix

- The QIK and Asphalt 5 applications are no longer preloaded.  When opening

the applications using the application icon, you will be redirected to the

Android market to download and install the full application.

* After the QIK install, you will need to login using your original

account information or create a new account.  All contacts should remain intact

* After the Asphalt 5 install, previous game play data (eg. levels) will not be retained.

Important Notes:

- The customer may initiate the update beginning 1/19 or wait until notifications begin being sent to devices on 1/24
- Updates may be released in stages. When checking for the update, you may receive a message that no update is available,

check back later or wait until the update notification is sent to your device


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