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Avengers: Trailer 3 hits the nets, I die

Damian Estrada February 29, 2012 Nerd No Comments

A new Avengers trailer has hit the internet this morning. Oh my gawd! Every time new footage from this film seeps into the crevices of the internet I die a bit on the inside. But in a great way not in a bad way, I promise. Enough of me.. more trailer.

The emotion is cranked up this time around. Joss is making the Angers an unsetlling group of heroes, not the happy go lucky group most movie goers were expecting. As we have seen with films like The Dark Knight and Watchmen this is usually a good thing.

I do however have a few questions… What the heck is that Transformers 3 looking snake robot in the end of the trailer? Is there a “character” that I am blanking on? Or did they invite Decepticons into the Marvel universe?

Wow, don’t the effects look fantastic? This honestly brings a tear to my geeky heart. The circular panning shot at the end of the trailer that reveals all of the characters in battle formation… is to die for.

If anyone can create conflict within a team it is Joss Whedon. Hell he had an entire series based around a character who was his own worst enemy (Angel). The Avengers should be much better than expected. That’s saying a lot when it is really easy to ruin a superhero movie with this many characters. Haters gonna hate. I just don’t see Joss messing this one up. The Avengers is due in theaters March 4th.

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