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Microsoft takes a sh*t in Google’s mouth.

Damian Estrada February 21, 2012 Companies, Internet, Microsoft, Security No Comments
Microsoft takes a sh*t in Google’s mouth.

We have seen Microsoft making some really genious moves. Arguably they are the best in show in almost every category. They have the best handset on the market, the most transformative and functional desktop OS coming right around the bend, and the console to rule them all only months away.

Do they have have trust? Most people view Microsoft as that sneaky evil douche bag looking to swindle you with re-prepacked products for a high premium. What most consumers fail to see is that Google is slowly becoming what we assumed Microsoft was.

Google services your, mail (Gmail), mobile os (Android), search, social networking (Google +), documents (Google Docs), music, and more. Google has a habit of cutting off their “beta” experiments or transforming current services without much warning. After all of that they manage to siphons through your data to deliver you targeted ad.

Do you trust this all powerful company to do good by you? Microsoft is attacking just that question. Google recently changed its privacy policy to a blanket policy that covers most of its services. With users up in arms about their privacy on the internet Microsoft has taken this opportunity to throw some blows at Google.

I wont lie to you, I would never leave gmail for hotmail. Do you think this is a smart move for Microsoft? I say screw it, they do it for the “lols”.

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