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Syndicate Impressions

Phasmatis February 25, 2012 PC, PlayStation 3, XBox 360 No Comments

In light of the fact I didn’t finish Syndicate and writing a review for the game seems rather cumbersome for such a crappy game that can be so easily summed up with the words “Just Don’t Get It” and nothing else in the entire review, I’ve decided to sum up Syndicate in an Impressions Article.

The best place to start in these matters is generally the good of the product. Of which there is not much in this game. The combat is barely passable, constantly ruining itself by removing its core game play mechanics of the chip stuck in your brain. While you are supposed to be the most powerful modern example of the Agent (corporate enforcers that work for the multinational syndicates) each boss, whom are other agents, each are more powerful than the player. Their health is higher, their abilities better, and their equipment vastly outstretches your own.

Some of the environments do make for impressive settings but instead of opting for an open hub system like Deus Ex where you can take in these sites and the lifestyles of this futuristic society under corporate rule you are instead shoved down linear levels and even though they are linear you will still occasionally find yourself lost. Not in the I don’t know which path to take mentality but in the I have no idea what minor object I need to interact with in order to proceed. This will lead you to wondering around small areas looking for a hatch or something else to interact with.

The worse offence to the whole game is the glare. It doesn’t matter how you adjust the screen you eyes will be stung with a painful glare and blurry visuals. Many games we say metaphorically are painful to play but this was the first I have ever encountered over my lifetime of gaming where the game literally caused me pain. I had to stop playing because my eyes were hurting and it developed into a headache, of which I very rarely get.

Where I cut off was the final boss. In a prime example of just how horrible this game is on normal the boss with 5-6 health bars, a shield, quick movement speed, and a Gatling gun can easily out match you since you can’t use any of your powers on him other than raising up cover that he can quickly run around. Then while you wait to load after each irritating defeat the game will literally crash. After awhile of going through this I decided that the game was simply not worth finishing and took it back to gamestop where I got only $24.20 and this was the day after it launched!

There is a four player multiplayer which I heard was pretty good but simply decided not to endulge in. The upgrade system, combat, visuals, and game was utterly a waste and I failed to see how adding 3 more players to the mix would somehow improve the formula.

On a last note there is the story. The story basically centers not around you but around the terrorist who they cast as the heroine.  In a shocking bit of unrealistic, can’t suspend my disbelief and clearly example of forgetting the lore of their own game the game ends with what the hacks for writers assumed was something revolutionary but forgot one small itsy bitsy tiny little detail. EuroCorp is headquarted in Europe and another Syndicate will simply move in and take over if EuroCorp decides to abandon the New York Market.

In short the main characters would all be very dead shortly after the end of the game, I give them about a week before agents come and finish them off. On top of that you’ll greatly wish you could kill Lilly Drawl who you can basically guess would be a horrible character after watching the trailer with her voice actor. (Think ditz and you won’t be far off)

In conclusion the game is a waste of time, money, and proved the fans of the original Syndicate correct when they said this game would be horrible. Save yourself some money and time, not just time that you’ll waste with the game but the time you’ll spend cursing the moment that you decided to actually pick this game up.

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