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DOTA 2 patch files reveal possible microtransactions skins and more

Chris Collazo March 23, 2012 Games, PC, Valve No Comments

To no surprise players have been delving into the test build files of Dota 2 and it seems they’ve turned up a couple possible features for Dota 2, one being multiple announcer packs for Dota 2 not much different to what is offered currently in HoN by the user community. One of the announcers available will be (Half-Life’s Dr. Kleiner). Character taunts, skins and new hero items are also among what will be available for what I assume will be microtransactions.

Another added feature will be new kinds of courier’s, different animals that will bring you your items. The most radical of the new features is something called souls. A sole will get a player out of the dreaded low priority punishment pool, a get out of jail free card if you will, but of course at a price. This all falls in line with Valve CEO’s views on charging players based on whether others enjoy playing with them or not. Talk a little too much trash? Well then most likely you will be buying a lot of souls.

Lastly is ‘treasure caches’ more than likely will work exactly like the crates do in Team Fortress 2. This news further supports the possibility of Valve making Dota 2 free to play with micro transactions. Dota 2 is really shaping up to be a monster in the gaming future and me personally I can’t wait. Now if they can just tell us when it comes out…

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