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Nokia Lumia 900 Rumored April 8th Release

Chris Collazo March 14, 2012 Microsoft, Nokia, Phones, Rumors, WP7 No Comments

I may be the only one extremely frustrated here, but I had delusional fantasies back in November 2011 of get my hands on the new Lumia 900. As each Nokia event has passed I’ve been hoping for a release date that is at the most a month away. I really don’t understand what the holdup is but from the rumors around the web apparently the retailers are being trained to properly present the Lumia 900. A very Apple move if I might say.

A user on The Verge Forums who claims to be an AT&T employee says the date is April 8th. Despite the fact that I expected one a long time ago, I will still be buying one. At $99 you can’t argue, so I won’t! Keep a look out for an announcement regarding the release date in the coming month. I myself will most likely pre-order one in the “oh so sexy” Noble Press Cyan blue. Stay tuned for the review sometime this year…


Source: The Verge

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