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New HTC Evo 3D 4G LTE Behind the scenes Design video

Chris Collazo April 5, 2012 Gadgets, HTC, Phones No Comments

The following video is straight from HTC, it follows the design process of their new flagship HTC EVO 3D. It’s good to see HTC hard at work to make a beautiful phone not just paying attention to how the phone looks but also how the phone feels in hand. The all new Aluminum Alloy kick-stand is pretty snazzy but I personally have never found myself in need of a kickstand. HTC has been making beautiful phones as of late and I’m sure, this alongside the HTC One X are going to make consumers take a second look. Something you can catch in the video if you’re paying attention is a version of the EVO 3D with a dual camera and dual LED like you see on the current EVO’s no word if this will be the final version of the phone but it’s clearly there in the video have a look for yourself and see all that was put into the making of this beautiful phone.


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