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Left 4 Dead 3: New Characters and Weapons

Chris Collazo April 17, 2012 Games, PC, PlayStation 3, Valve, XBox 360 No Comments

Rumor has it from Xbox Magazine UK that Valve is hard at work on the sequel to the Left 4 Dead franchise. Xbox Magazine predicts we will see all new characters and weapons. The game will also focus more on the storyline making it more like what we saw in Half-Life 2. Some other predictions include more advanced AI directing having the ability to change levels and manipulate map elements to make each time you play different from the last.

No word on a release date Valve is usually hush hush about when its games release. Rest assured when the game is announced it will not disappoint. Left 4 Dead is one of the most beloved horror franchises to date hopefully the third will outshine the first two.




Source: Techtorial

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