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Windows Phone 8 (Apollo) *not* coming to all WP Smartphones (UPDATE)

Chris Collazo April 17, 2012 Microsoft, WP7 No Comments

Exciting news for all Windows phone users word is that all Windows Phone devices will be receiving Windows Phone 8 aka Apollo. Confirmation comes from a Microsoft spokesperson who was quoted saying:


What Microsoft said/ stated and what I’m allowed to tell you is that all actual devices will get upgrade to the next major version of Windows Phone



Great news for all those that feared Windows Phone would fall victim to the fragmentation Android OS continues to suffer from. No release date has been mentioned as far as Apollo goes but expect to see a lot of added features to the WP7 platform. This news makes adopting Windows Phone that much easier for those who were on the fence. Google could learn from the direction Microsoft is taking Windows Phone fragmentation does nothing but frustrate and confuse the consumer.



Sadly the same windows representative has state that what he actually ment to say was that all Windows Phone apps will currently be usable on Windows 8. Basically retracting the hopes and dreams Windows Phone 7 early adopters and Lumia 900 users had.

Its Android fragmentation all over again.

Source: Engadget, WMPoweruser

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