Sunday 26th June 2016,
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Assassin’s Creed III E3 Trailer [E3 2012]

My Impression

It starts off with the Patriots preparing for a forwarding assault from the Brits. Connor marches forward with the iconic assassin walk. Passing by minutemen and George Washington himself, he runs into the battlefield, on what looks like a suicide mission. At this point I can’t take it and I literally jump out of my seat. As he plows forward he manages to dodge a volley of musket rounds and penetrates the Red Coats battle formation. One by one they fall. At this moment I am yelling at my computer screen in cheer of the bloodshed. Connnor by himself changes the tide of the battle in favor of the Patriots! Connor is proving to be a deadly successor to the Assassin clan.

Now you sit here and watch it while I go chop up stuff with an axe.

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