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Halo 4 Gameplay [E3 2012]

Chris Collazo June 5, 2012 E3 2012, Featured, Games, XBox 360 1 Comment

We all have been waiting and it’s finally here, actual gameplay footage of the upcoming Halo 4 by 343 Industries. We find ourselves in the jungle paving our way through some familiar enemy’s and even some not so familiar. Everything in the game looks a little different from the Halo we remember but nothing dramatic. Alongside some new abilities and clever use of Master Chiefs HUD not much has changed the most welcomed addition is what looks like mini boss fights.

The previous Halo games were mostly mission based kill all the baddies and move on to the next mission. I’m glad to see the subtle changes in the game, one other thing I enjoyed was the new assortment of weapons if you ask me the weapon choice in the last couple Halo games was on the boring side rest assured Halo 4 has some assume new toys for us to play with and even better AI. The game is set to release November 6th 2012.

I’m still a little cautious about jumping on board that band wagon for this game I’ve seen little things that I like but I’m still waiting for something big that will make me say “yes I am buying this game!” Check out the gameplay footage from E3 2012 and let us know what you think has Halo changed for the better or is it just another boring Halo installment?

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