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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive [Hands-On E3 2012]

Dominick Vitelli June 8, 2012 Games, PC, PlayStation 3, XBox 360 No Comments

Counter-Strike (CS)  is back again with Global Offensive (GO). This time it boasts an upgraded Source engine, new weapons, and what seems to be a less ridiculous physics than Counter-Strike:Source.

CS:GO captures the original feel of the game. I haven’t played CS in a long long time, so I wasn’t exactly sure if a new installment would hit the spot, but almost immediately into the first round, I felt right at home. GO returns a lot of elements native to the original CS, now that I have access to beta, Ill never have to relive the horrors of CS:Source again!

The upgraded game engine makes the game look outstanding (even on the Xbox), throwing Counter-Strike right back into the current-gen shooting market. Returning maps to CS are just as great as ever. Running through de_dust filled me with a warm sense of nostalgia deep in my stomach. Valve kept the dark gritty feel from CS 1.6, instead of the brighter, reflective CS:Source.

Original weapons from the other CS games are available, but GO brings another 8 weapons to the arsenal.  My favorite new weapon is the new tazer. It’s extremely short range but has the ability to one-shot an opponent. Don’t taze me bro. The new weapons add some great new depth to the game, and who doesn’t want to taze their friends? Some guns vary on both sides. Which isn’t something I necessarily enjoy, but it’s not a huge deal. If I favor a gun I’m stuck playing one faction, that could be boring.

Anyone who has played CS:Source knows the physics can sometimes be ridiculous. I’m not exactly sure how a head shot from my AWP can send a guy flying forward 17 feet, but I guess that’s cool. Flying bodies became frequent and ridiculous, not to mention all the weird positions the ragdoll corpses could fall into. It was almost as if bones turned to jelly when you died in CS: Source. (It did open up a lot of funny moments though) Valve has addressed the bodies with a mind of their own, keeping CS:GO in check.

I enjoyed every minute of CS:GO so far and highly recommend it to all CS fans. Valve has set an August 21nd release date with a 14.99 price tag for the Xbox 360, PS3, PC, and Mac. Try to get into beta and enjoy the fragging.

Noble Press will be giving out Counter-Strike: Global Offensive beta keys over the next couple months. Stay tuned and keep an eye out for updates.

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