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Microsoft and Nokia Trolling Google?

Corey Murillo June 2, 2012 Google, Internet, Microsoft, Nokia No Comments

If you have been following Noble Press, you are well aware that there has been a series of “patent battles” between Microsoft, Samsung, HTC, Apple, and others. If not, you can read this to  help catch up.  These battles are part of a larger “patent war” that is going on between the big three mobile giants; Windows Phone, iOS, and Android.  I personally believe that these “patent wars” ultimately hinder innovation as software developers have to been constantly on guard, and in debt to the larger companies that own the intellectual property which the developer is trying to improve or spin off of.  Unfortunately, these wars show no signs of slowing down.

Google, who is usually on the receiving end of the subpoena, is finally stepping up to get on the offensive.  On Thursday Google filed their own anti-trust complaint in European courts, accusing Microsoft and Nokia of trolling.  No not this trolling, this trolling:

“Nokia and Microsoft are colluding to raise the costs of mobile devices for consumers, creating patent trolls that sidestep promises both companies have made. They should be held accountable, and we hope our complaint spurs others to look into these practices.”

Ooh ouch.  Google is accusing Microsoft and Nokia of making back alley deals with a company called Mosaid, who have become sort of infamous for their tendency to sue anyone who infringes on their WiFi patents.  According to the accusation, M$ sand Nokia are handing over some 1,200 wireless-related patents in order to get their hands on some of the revenue generated from future lawsuits.

If this is truly the case then Microsoft and Nokia actually are trying to troll Google in an attempt to scare device manufacturers into using Windows Phone over Android or risk the consequences. [Insert Evil Laugh Here]

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