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Nintendo Wii U controller named ‘Wii U Gamepad’ [E3 2012]

Damian Estrada June 3, 2012 Games, Nintendo Wii U No Comments

In an early E3 press conference Nintendo officially announced their Wii U controller coined the Wii U Gamepad. The controller at a glance looks very similar but if you dive into the details you will see that Nintendo took their time to optomise the controller for better game play.

During the press conference they showed a pitch video of an over eager 20 something playing a zombie game on his Wii U. He fails and automatyicvally sets up his Gamepad to make a call to his geriatic companion. Clearly Nintedno is trying to make it obvious that the Wii U is mean to bridge the gap between generations. He gathers some feed back about how to finish the boss that he combating ends his call and jumps right back into the game.

Why Gamepad? Well the SNES/Super Famicoms’s controller was coined “gamepad” by its users. Nintendo decided to reference the golden days. 

A nice wiki history of the gamepad. 

Now… this would be brilliant if the community was like this. I for one would not want to call a random old man in a perfectly light room to ask questions about my zombie slaying adventure. But that’s just me.

Nintendo is doubling down on social networking and leveraging the Wiipad as a “social window” to the community. They have even gone as far as to create an web app that connects into their social network. They believe that the family and friends are an important element of their gaming experience.

Source: The Verge

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