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Resident Evil 6 Gameplay [E3 2012]

Chris Collazo June 5, 2012 E3 2012, Featured, Games 1 Comment

After the huge disappointment that was Resident Evil Racoon City it is quite refreshing seeing Resident Evil 6 go in a different direction. Capcom has heard the requests of the fans and brought back all of our favorite characters Leon, Chris Redfield and more! In RE6 we will play as multiple characters and all of there story’s will eventually intertwine.

In the gameplay demo we follow Leon as hes dropped into a zombie infested Japan where he has to mow his way through hordes of the living dead. We also get to see some really cool action cut-scenes. In this case, Leon is in a helicopter that’s on its way down he has to help gently crash the helicopter while fighting off zombies inside. Hopefully, we can expect some good old fashioned Resident Evil that we all have been dying for.

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