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Rubick the Grand Magus Added to Dota 2 [Video]

Chris Collazo June 19, 2012 DOTA2, Featured, Games No Comments

Its that time again. Valve has implimented another hero for us to use to our hearts content. Rubick the Grand Magus is an intelligence hero with a very unique ultimate which allows you to steal and replicate an opponents last used spell. Including ultimate’s! Team fights are going to get crazy! Be sure to check out our Dota 2 stream when we have it up and put your Steam ID in the comments if you would like to play with us personally. Looking forward to seeing people pwn face with Dota 2′s new edition, be sure to check him out in game but try against some bots first ha-ha. Check out the video below from the guys over at DOTA CINEMA for a quick run-down of all his abilities.

Source: DotaCinema

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