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Star Wars 1313 announced by LucasArts

Damian Estrada June 1, 2012 Games No Comments

Today LucasArts announced a new Star Wars series tittle Star Wars 1313.  You will assume the role of a Bounty Hunter using the subterranean levels of Couruscant, 1313.  The game will be a 3rd person shooter built upon the Unreal engine. Lucasfilm, Industrial Light and Magic, Lucasfilm Animation Ltd, and Skywalker Sound will all be consulting on the game. Lets hope this means we might get a great Star Wars game once again.

Remember the days of Battlefront 1 & 2? When Star Wars games were still great. Don’t get me wrong many of you might play SWTOR and that’s fine… I don’t hate you for it. The problem that games like that have is that you are the top dog most of the time. You are some sort of chosen one and you have the answers for everything. Above human in all aspects. It sounds as though Star Wars 1313 will be the opposite and this thought pleases me.

Star Wars 1313 will make an appearance at E3 next week, stay tuned for more coverage.

From The Verge Comments:

“The problem is that over the years, all the Star Wars games that have focused on the Jedi or the Sith are just tired and boring now. I think LucasArts is making a fantastic choice by not giving the main protagonist all these magical powers that allow him to do anything.

If you were to read some of the Extended Universe books, you’d find that the stores that don’t directly involve Jedi, or even the Force are still quite compelling and very interesting. I see that LucasArts is finally realizing the potential for game development that they have in their literary division.”

“Hm. Wonder if this is related to the planned “Star Wars: Underworld” live-action series. Looks like it might be set in the same period.”


“Yeh I agree with wtshaolin; hopefully it will have more than a little bit of a Mass Effect in its DNA.
And also hopefully there will be no stupid force powers or shoehorned lightsabers.”
- Bromhead


Source: The Verge

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