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Dota 2: Coming to a Mac near you?

Damian Estrada November 15, 2012 DOTA2, Games, OSX, OSX, Valve No Comments

Following this week’s patch, that introduces Slark into the Dota 2 roster, Valve slipped in a surprise. In the OS X version of Steam you are now eligible to download the “Test” client for Dota 2. This means that we might see a Mac version of the game tomorrow or possibly later this month.

Currently this version of Dota 2 does not work. When attempting to boot into the game Steam will give you the error message bellow.

Gramathy posted this explanation to the error on the Reddit thread.

“For the record, there are a few things wrong with the build distributed. I’ll go through the ones I know in the order that they pop up.

  1. The initialization and launch script uses Windows line breaks which causes the shell to throw an error and stop executing. Fixing this lets the script launch but it can’t find the executable because
  2. Paths fail to be properly recognized. From the script it should be working properly, but it isn’t. Putting the path in manually results in
  3. An error in locating part of one of valve’s .dylib files. The file exists and is in the “correct” location, but is either missing part of itself or is not being properly found by the executable.
  4. In addition, the .vpk packages used to distribute the data are not being properly decompiled into the necessary files for some files. Again, this could be a path issue, so that’s what my theory is as to what it’s not working.

In all, it seems that there are some OS-centric code translation issues in this version that will need to be fixed before it’ll run.


I would not delete my BootCamp partition just yet. As software usually goes we might have to wait a version or two before we see a fully stable version of the Dota 2 client for OS X. Then again it is Valve and they have a great track record with developing cross platform content.

Source: Dota 2 Reddit
Image Credit: vtor67

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