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League of Legends: Shop and Hud Changes

MMandel November 15, 2012 Games, League of Legends, PC No Comments

Coming up in the pre-season patch are huge Shopkeeper changes and Hud changes.  These are huge changes, and I feel League of Legends have needed the revamp for a long time.  The new shopkeeper will have item prices for all items, even components that build into bigger items. This should make it a lot easier for newbs to get a better idea of how much they’ll need to spend on gear.  The search function definitely will be a huge help for newer players who don’t know how to navigate the shop since people can suggest things to buy and be able to find them quickly.  The suggested item changes will help players learn more about what to do in certain situations when someone tells them to build ‘tanky’ or ‘offensive’. Above all, store changes will help the newer community as a whole learn the game quicker and with less difficulty.

The HUD changes incoming are very, very nice.  It updates the aesthetics of the UI that also will help players keep track of how many times they have leveled a skill.  This will help because sometimes players can forget how many times they have leveled a skill and want to level something else but not sure if they put a point in a skill or not.  Having item slots with a marker for the keybind over them will help with seeing which keys are bound.  This in turn will help players quickly identify if keybindings don’t fit their play-style.  Also, the scoreboard has become more streamlined and easier to read, which is another quality of life change which I don’t think is a huge difference, but it is nice to see the score easier than it already was.

All in all, the changes were much needed, and I am really excited for these changes. Not only because they are quality of life changes, but it makes the game more streamlined — bringing it up to speed with games like DOTA 2.  If you would like to read the official statement, click HERE.

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