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Dota 2: Timbersaw the Shredder – 12/12/2012 [Updates]

Chris Collazo December 12, 2012 DOTA2 No Comments

Timbersaw the Shredder is now live in the Dota 2 test client. He is a strength hero with high mobility due to his ability Timber chain which allows him to latch onto any trees withing a 1400 units away, great fro chasing down hard to catch heroes. Timbersaw’s ultimate creates a saw blade that you can place within 1200 units the saw does initial damage of 180 and then 100 damage per second, for every 5% health missing the ability will slow for 5%. Check out the Hero Preview below from Dota Cinema as well as some in game screenshots we have of Timbersaw.

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We will be on regularly playing  Dota 2 captains mode feel free to add us and challenge us to a match!Also for those wondering how to build Timbersaw see below for a suggested item build straight from our resident Dota expert, try it out for yourself and let us know what you think.


Timbersaw build:

Arcane + Vanguard + Shivas + Heart of Tarrasque or Mana Regen

Arcane then disassemble boots  into Bloodstone + Scythe of Vyse + Heart of Tarrasque

Patch Notes:
Added Timbersaw!


- Ancient Apparition: Fixed status effect ignoring magic immune units (HP Freeze and Shatter).
- Silencer: Fixed Last Word not being triggered by Invoke.
- Slark: Fixed Pounce leashing illusions.
- Undying: Fixed Decay providing too much healing to Undying.
- Fixed Shadow Blade interaction with Cleave and Critical Strike.
- Fixed Cycloning yourself causing you to take damage from Orchid.

Click for 1920 x 1080 Wallpaper

Source: DotaCinema



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