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New Champion: Thresh, the Chain Warden

Eva Wong January 12, 2013 League of Legends No Comments

Thresh, the Chain Warden is a ghostly reaper that was a sadistic jailer in his past life. He joins the League of Legends to torture and claim the souls of those he takes an interest in (With chains. Like Ghost Rider). Summoners who live for the well executed assassination–the one where your enemy knows he’s done for–meet your new favorite hard ganker. As we’ll see, Thresh is also a viable support and top laner, but he really shines as a jungler.


His passive, Keeper of Lost Souls, grants him bonus armor, magic resist, and ability power for each enemy soul dropped around him (large minions and enemy champs always drop a soul, little minions drop a soul about a quarter of the time). There is no cap on this passive, but the downside is that he does NOT gain armor and magic resist per level. Thresh has to walk over the dropped soul to collect it.

Thresh’s Q, Death Sentence, has a passive, which deals magic damage per hit. The more souls Thresh collects, the more damage Death Sentence does. When activated, Death Sentence lets Thresh grab an enemy with pretty good range, then pulls them towards himself (GET OVER HERE). Or, reactivate this ability and Thresh leaps to the enemy.

With Dark Passage (W), Thresh tosses his lantern out to an area, granting all allies close to the lantern a shield lasting 4 seconds. An ally that clicks on his lantern is pulled to Thresh, bringing the lantern along as well.

Thresh’s E, Flay, knocks nearby enemies in any direction you choose. To push enemies away, cast Flay forward, and to pull enemies closer, cast backwards. Enemies caught in the crossfire are slowed for 1.5 seconds.

The Box is Thresh’s Ultimate. Thresh boxes himself in with 5 walls. Enemies can break the ghostly walls by walking through them, but are in turn damaged and slowed by 99% (the maximum in the game) for 2 seconds. Once the first wall is broken, the remaining 4 walls deal half the damage and the slow is reduced.


So why is Thresh such a great ganker? Imagine this: Emerge quickly from the depths of the jungle and grab (Q) the poor sap that’s a little too pushed up into your lane.  Then, knock him back (E) towards your allies. By now, he’s pretty much screwed, but if necessary, Ult with your Box for an awesome AoE slow that seals the deal. Now simply sit back, relax (maybe throw out your lantern to help soak damage), and let your DPS finish off the kill.


  • Ratios:  Not the best AP ratios, but significant base damage that allows him the speed necessary to work through the jungle in early game.
  • CC: Knock backs, pulls, and slows for days. Which is why he’s also a great support champ.
  • Mobility: Not a ton of mobility. He can pull himself over a wall if he latches on to an enemy across the barrier with Shackle.
  • Health: About the same as Graves.
  • Skill level: High, positioning is important, and the reliance in picking up lost souls can hinder effective last hitting, while making him more susceptible to zoning.
  • Needs: Magic pen, AP, health

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