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Founders & Editors-In-Chief

Christopher Collazo // @ChristopherCee // ccollazo@noble-press.com

Damian Estrada // @Damian Estrada // destrada@noble-press.com


Executive Producers:

Zachary Wright // @ZachStillFresh // ZWright@noble-press.com

Chandler Coates // CCoates@noble-press.com

Ryan Poore // Centrix1337@gmail.com


Managing Editor:

Aaron Goldman // AGoldman@noble-press.com


Senior Editors:

James D Nauman // @James Nauman // jamesnauman@gmail.com

Jon Del Castillo // MaserBeam.com



Casey Lawton // cjlawton23@gmail.com

Corey Murillo // unplugged12@gmail.com

Danny Hauger // @DannyHauger // dhxlive@gmail.com

Dominick Vitelli // DVitelli@noble-press.com

James D Nauman // @James Nauman // jamesnauman@gmail.com

Justin Pla // @JustinPla // jpla@noble-press.com

Eva Wong // @YumTiramisu // evaw008@gmail.com

Harrison Roig // joshuaroig@hotmail.com

Guest Writers:

Cole Wilson // IndistinctChatter.net

Julian Sayler // IndistinctChatter.net

Kevin Moreno // TechPwnageKev.wordpress.com

Nick Moore // IamVideoGames.com


Marketing Managers:

Alex Baracskai // Abaracskai@noble-press.com

Marco Carrillo //

Staff Photographer

Rudy Martinez // rudym@spawnd.com

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