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Cowboys & Aliens

Damian Estrada July 29, 2011 No Comments
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Disclosure: I cannot stand cowboy films and I cannot dislike an archetype more than Westerns. Though I do love me some aliens.


Its 1873 in Arizona, an alien spaceship arrives to harvest resources. Meanwhile Jake Lonergan (Daniel Craig) wakes up in the middle of the desert and has no idea who he is or what he has done. He finds a town to rest in, commotion starts to unravel and Lonergan quickly puts it in its place. The town sheriff quickly realizes that Lonergan is a wanted man and goes to collect the bounty. In an attempt to send Lonergan on his way a barrage of UFOs descends on the small mining town. Defenseless to the superior technology, the towns people start to get abducted. Lonergan’s wrist band of glory springs into action and he manages to take down one of the crafts. On a mission to get their people back, opposite sides of the Western region must be banded together to defeat the alien threat. Woodrow Dolarhyde (Harrison Ford) and Lonergan grab a group of citizens to track down the aliens and rescue its people from their captures.

Direction & Performances:

Daniel Craig is the usual bad ass, though he does happen to be mute for a good thirty minutes of the film. A man of such unrefined force has no use for words. Craig delivers everything you want and more. Harrison Ford… don’t call it a come back… but it’s so hard not to. After his last failure in “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” its hard to picture Ford as that great action hero we once held sacred. Rest assured he is back and in a big way. The potent presence he brings to the screen is reminiscent of Han Solo and the good old Indy. Olivia Wilde is just as subtly provocative as she is in every other film. John Favreau does an excellent job at not making “Cowboys vs Aliens” as corny and campy as it sounds.

Cowboys & Aliens

Visual Effects:

The aliens in a film can easily turn an 8 to a 5 in the matter of 3 frames. ILM outdid them self with the creature design and effects. Favreau did a great job at leaving a bit of mystery to the creatures for a good thirty to forty minutes of the film. The UFOs and alien structures were believable and well designed. Every explosion, laser and blast looked extremely realistic and polished. Past that the film still managed to keep that gritty western look.

*Spoilers written in white, highlight to show spoilers*

Olivia NudeThe Good:

  • Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford deliver action packed performances.
  • The alien effects are great, I was never taken out of the film.
  • Alien crafts and how they abduct humans is brilliant.
  • Fight sequences are suburb and exciting.
  • Woodrow Dolarhyde is the perfect role for Harrison Ford. The character development is perfect.
  • So much conflict with so many characters.
  • Olivia Wilde is hot and worth staring at for one hundred and fifteen minutes.

The Bad:

  • Stereotypical Indian tribe.
  • Reminded me of Avatar… in a bad way.
  • Paul Dano’s portrayal of “Percy Dolarhyde” is insanely annoying.
  • So much conflict with so many characters.
  • The rebirth of Alice was epically predictable…
  • No explanation of why and when Craig’s wrist band works. *If the explanation is.. “When he is in real danger.” get off my blog and don’t come back*


If you hate cowboys and aliens… don’t watch this film. If you have a problem with how Native American cultures are portrayed in American films… don’t watch this film. If you hate how the “white man” always has to save indigenous peoples…don’t watch this film.


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