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DUNU Headphones – Landmine (DN-23)

Aaron Goldman January 31, 2013 No Comments
DUNU Headphones – Landmine (DN-23)
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Looking for headphones yet don’t know what to get? During CES this year, I came across many companies that had new headphones from in-ear to over-ear. One particular overseas company did stand out a more, DUNU. Even though I didn’t get to listen to anything, they appeared and felt to be made out of quality materials. This peaked my interest, and I wanted to get the chance to listen to what they had to offer.


The Landmine (DN-23) starts by not having any shoddy quality pieces on it. The ear-buds are made of metal with a hyper chrome colouring and create an excellent sound environment both for you and others around you. You won’t end up being that guy/gal with their music playing obnoxiously loud music on the plane or while your trying to sleep or vise versa. While I don’t recommend turning your music extremely loud for prolonged amounts of time, they definitely won’t be bothering anyone should you choose to.

The cable is made of a matte rubber similar to what is found on Apple cables. At right under 4 ft (1.2 m), it can be a little long sometimes and get caught on things if you are mobile with them. However, this is just long enough to attach to things like a computer tower without feeling like you need to keep your head against the computer case. It even comes with a little cable tie to wrap everything up with when you’re finished using them. This helps keeps desks less cluttered and keep the headphones lasting longer as well in bags/backpacks.


The Landmines provide wonderful sound allowing for crisp highs and enough lows to provide a great listening environment. Couple that with a great fitment and you end up with a nice experience. Short of the chest-rattling feeling you get from a sub-woofer  these headphones met and exceeding my expectations of them. In both listening to music and playing games these headphones produced excellent sounds. People that enjoy thing with very heavy bass common in electronic music / R&B / Rap may not like these as much. Rock and Acoustic genre fans will find these to do an excellent job.

For those wanting more technical information, DUNU’s packaging provides all the details on their headphones:

Frequency Response: 16Hz – 22Hz
Sound Pressure Level: 120 ± 2 dB (1KHz/1Vrms)
Impedance: 16 Ω
Noise Cancellation: 26 dB
Cord Length: 3.94 feet (1.2 meters)
Weight: 28 G


For a pair of in-ear headphones, these come with more than any I have ever seen before. There were 7 different ear peices to match the shape of your ear. 8 if you included the size that came on the headphones. The ear pieces interchange easily and are attached solid enough that they won’t just fall of during transport. The cable itself is made of a matte rubber and has a thick quality to it without being excessively heavy.

Bonus accessories include 2 adapters: an airplane adapter and a 6.3 mm to 3.5 mm headphone adapter. With these, this headset is equipped to listen to almost any common audio device. The only thing it’s missing is a Y-adapter to share your music with your friends.

To keep everything clean, you get two cases. You can choose between a leather pouch or a hard-shell case lined with a zipper. The leather pouch is convenient and grants much easier access to the headphones. However, if you are more rough with your toys, I recommend the hard-shell case is better suited. While zipper on the case a bit tough to maneuver around the corners, it made sure it wouldn’t accidentally open while in transport.

Even though I still have two more sets (Hephaes DN-16 and Tai Chi DN-19) to listen to, this pair did nothing but impress me while listening to them. For your average listening, it has enough bass to fill out music without rattling your head and enough treble without being ear piercing.

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