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SwitchEasy: ECLIPSE

Chris Collazo December 4, 2011 No Comments
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The Eclipse Switcheasy case is made of polycarbonate and a soft rubberized finish on the sides for optimal grip. Overall it’s a sturdy design made that way so that it protects your phone and isn’t prone to premature wear, which is a lot more than most phone cases even above this price range can say. The case is pretty much scratch resistant so you don’t have to worry about tossing it around, and it was made so that you can slide it in and out of your pocket without resistance like what you get with normal more rubberized cases.

As far as style goes Switcheasy chose a simple approach paired with the quality feel of its case. This case comes in a multitude of color options. The model we received was their lime colored case. You have an option of Black, White, and lime, pink and blue. If lime is your thing then this case is a nice blend of limey green with a dash of dark green. For the price of $19.99 you would be hard pressed to find a case that is as aesthetically pleasing.

Putting the case on is simple just place the phone inside of the polycarbonate shell and snap it in. Taking off the case on the other hand is not so easy do to the one piece design and snug fitting nature of the case. The volume buttons are covered by the case and I’m glad to say that doesn’t hinder the tactile feedback of the buttons. A nice touch to the case at the top where u press the lock button there’s a smooth groove that makes it easier to press your lock screen button as opposed to most cases where you kind of have to dig in. The Rocker switch is also easily accessible via an opening on the side.

The headphone access might give some trouble as the normal 3.5 mm headphone plug most likely won’t reach far enough to make a connection. Just know beforehand that you’re going to want a 3.5mm headphone plug that has a slight extension on it so that it can properly connect to your phone.

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