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GX Gaming Imperator Gaming Keyboard Review

MMandel November 12, 2012 , No Comments
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I have been using the GX Gaming Imperator gaming keyboard for about a month, and man it has really been a monumental change from my Razor Lycosa; and in a grand way. I never thought I would part ways from my Lycosa. Adjusting to the Imperator was uncomfortable at firs. Aesthetically, the Imperator lacks the flare that most gaming keyboards possess. The Imperator lacks backlighting and dons a matte finish, much different from the standard glossy finish on most keyboards in its class. Much like the Genius Maurus mouse, this is definitely a diamond in the rough.  After the mouse I was ready to be pleasantly surprised again by the GX Gaming Imperator Keyboard.


The first thing I noticed about the keyboard was its sturdily built quality. It felt like it could withstand a beating; possibly survive a good ol’ rage induced table flipping. I game like I mean it, smashing my keys with purpose and strife. The keys are very responsive and have just enough feedback to give satisfaction. Additionally, one of the biggest selling factors of Genius products are their tangle free cords.  The keyboard’s sturdy quality makes it a perfect candidate for a portable LAN companion. Overall, the quality of the keyboard is rather refreshing in comparison to other boards in its class.


As usual I was very pleasantly surprised with the performance, just as I was with the mouse. Every keystroke felt very fluid, not forced, and very responsive.  In all of the games I played the keyboard never failed me once. It was a very satisfying feeling. I tested it out in several genres of games including MMOS, FPS, and MOBAS.  The result was the same in each performance: incredibly responsive. I never once was worried that at any point I was going to lose connectivity, key presses, or an action would go unnoticed. I felt comfortable using this keyboard from the load screen of any game.  I was very pleased with the performance of this keyboard overall and caught myself using it more and more even when not travelling to LANs, switching out my Razer Lycosa for the GX Imperator in its place.


From the first time I laid my hands on the keyboard, it felt very comfortable. I didn’t’ feel like I was laying my hands on a foreign object like I have with some other keyboards. From the moment I was typing I knew I loved it. All of the macro buttons are a great distance from the normal keys as to not “fat-finger” them. Also, the functionality of the physical audio controls helped a lot as they were not touch buttons.


Boy what a relief it is to be have a keyboard which instantly feels like an old friend from the start of any game. Whether it be in Dota 2, League of Legends, or World of Warcraft, I never felt a struggle while playing. Every motion, every key press–was fluid, precise, and deadly. I felt confident playing games with this keyboard. I never had to change any settings to accommodate for this keyboard, which made it that much more enjoyable and comfortable. I carried more games using this keyboard than I did before. I was like a ninja, and this keyboard my katana. I felt invincible.


This software was very user friendly.  I am usually not one for using software for keyboard macros and everything else to set up.  This software made it painless, east to change keybinds and have profiles.  I was  impressed with the ease of using this software as most software for keyboards are atrocious.


In conclusion, this keyboard is definitely one of, if not the best budget keyboard I have ever used.  Everything about this keyboard felt very comfortable, and not strenuous at all, from beginning to end.  All the hardware felt very sturdy, and travel safe.  The functionality was refreshing; being able to use something that felt so nice right out of the box. Gameplay was precise, sharp, and responsive. There was no need to worry if any key command would go unnoticed.  Recently, I decided to take this keyboard over my Razor Lycosa to a Dota 2 Lan tournament, in which we placed third. It was obviously not as high as I wanted, but my Keyboard helped me get there. I would love to see how the upper tiers of this keyboard are like, as I’m sure they are splendid.

Price: $40

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