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Genius GX Gaming Maurus: FPS built, ARTS/MOBA approved

Damian Estrada October 17, 2012 , No Comments
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I am not one for gamer centric devices. What I mean by this is I hate case lights, I despise ugly mice, and I cannot stand terribly designed hardware and finish. So naturally, coming into this review the Maurus had many points against it before I ripped open the packaging. The Scorpion on the Maurus was a bit much for me but I learned to get over it. My objective point of view, possibly bias in the respects to my harsh feelings about exterior design, was a good stance for our readers to gauge this product by. Since I personally do not game as much as I would like, to I had, Myke Mandel, star of “The Mandel Show”, assist me with the review. We spent two weeks with the mouse and used in a large assortment of games and scenarios. I hope you enjoy our review of this fantastic little mouse.


The first thing you will notice is how small the mouse is. The second and most pleasing detail you will notice is the soft touch finish on the sides of the mouse. This make the Maurus a real treat to hold. Honestly, I spent downtime in a game of DoTA 2 rubbing the sides of the mouse. I know that sounds terribly creepy, but in reality, it feels that nice. The top of the Maurus looks stunning when recently cleaned polished. Sadly, after that few minutes of pristine glimmer and perfection it turns into a finger print, palm impression, and dust magnet. The finish is a bit much for a mouse, but we will file this trait under form not function.

I have to be forward and admit that I enjoy matte finishes, so if you are a gloss guy you are going to cream over the texture and finish on the top of the Maurus. All of the hardware aspects of this mouse are great, right down to the braided cord, and scroll wheel.  In general the whole mouse feels sturdy, and I wasn’t worried that it would break anytime soon. I felt confident in it; it was my miniature mouse of craftsmanship.


The clicking is solid! I found it delivered an accurate performance in Team Fortress 2, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and Battlefield 3. The Maurus does live up to its “FPS” title.  I play more ARTS games than I do FPS so I found my self using the Maurus in DOTA 2 and League of Legends. Even though the mouse has a 20 gram weight inside to add the ergonomic feel I still had issues with how light the mouse was. I am use to larger mice with a heaftier weight to them. Personally I have a very specific requirement for my mice, the Maurus only knock in its form factor is being to small. Though this does not mean it is to small for you, if you prefer lighter mice that are slightly quicker in the hand this might be a better alternative to the larger mice out there.

The performance was impressive  especially after being used to manufactures such as Razor, Logitech, and Asus.  The response was quick, effortless, and accurate.  I felt no delay between the my finger and the action on the screen. Moving around the mouse pad was smooth the Maurus glided effortlessly.  For the price, I would have never expected such performance.
UPDATE: After a few months of use the mouse feels a bit inaccurate  or maybe its just that it does not play well with my MacBook Pro. The Maurus does run still run well with my desktop PC.


I have larger hands than most people, so the stout size of the Maurus took a bit of time to get use to. I prefer larger mice with a wide surface. The extended side skirts – I don’t know what else to call them – on the Maurus provided a nice resting area for my thumb and pinkie. My formation while in game was a bit of a claw but never felt too uncomfortable.  Another thing that took time to get used to was the singular button on the left and right. Most mice I come across have two buttons on the left and another one to two on the right hand side. Granted this is an FPS mouse not a ARTS/MOBA/MMO mouse I gave it a passing grade and simply adjusted my game.


Outside of the FPS generalization, the Maurus does wonders. It assisted me in carrying a game of DoTA 2 with Dark Seer – how does that even happen? I managed to snatch in a better K/D/R than our Lycan and pull off some impressive trick pulls. Surprisingly, Inever missed my 20 button MMO Mouse.  The Maurus feels solid, and I never felt at a disadvantage.

During my testing of the Maurus, I never felt as though I was missing a beat due to the Mouse.  The Maurus kept up with me, and we became one, a pair, and an inseparable duo.


The software was very simple, it was very user friendly and to the point.  I am usually not one for going into software to change things like macros and DPI. I usually change most of my preferences in game, but this software made it quick and painless.  Sadly, the mouse cannot change DPI on the fly. I suppose having different profiles on each program could remedy this.


While this mouse might not be the best mouse for some of us with larger hands, the Maurus is a great mouse for those with smaller hands and small budgets. The Maurus can be found on Amazon for about $40. Most other mice in this price range are not serious gaming mice and do not come close to this high bar of finish and quality.

Price: $35


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