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iRest: Relax with your iPad

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iRest: Relax with your iPad
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iRest – $49.90


RainDesign’s iRest is one of the classiest products I have had the pleasure of reviewing. The train, the pool, the desk, the backpack, iRain has a place in all of these situations and more.


RainDesign’s iRest is one of the most visually appealing iPad stands on the market. RainDesign has always done a fantastic job at meeting Apple’s top tier design quality along with keeping up a functional form. Even down to the small details of the RainDesign logo and how it compliments Apple’s logo, they give their utmost attention to everything.

When designing a product for Apple devices, you have to pay attention to the small details on the devices you are trying to compliment. RainDesign understands this in spades.


The rubberized feet create a comfortable experience while sitting but are a bit silly when on a desktop situation.  Though you can unscrew the longer feet and you endup with a much better desktop solution, but that is a bit of a pain, and I would image if you are using this in multiple locations you might leave the feet on. I found in most uses cases I left the feet on to go from my desk to my bed to the pool with ease.

When using the stand for a desktop situation, you would remove the cushions and you find yourself with a more stable stand. Places this next to an iMac or a MacBook Pro and you will yourself a well coordinated ecosystem. On the front of the iRest, you will find a slit in the bottom right corner where you iPad will rest. This slit is to amplify the sound coming from the speaker located on the bottom of your iPad.

One of the biggest benefits of this stand is its ability to be used while you iPad has an existing case on it. Personally, I used my iPad with a smart cover and a light cases to protect the rear.


The iRest gives a great go at being portable. You can removed the cushions on the stand and fold it up to size suitable for a backpack. I like to leave the cushions on, but if you are looking for a stand that will suit indoors, outdoors, pool side, or desktop, the iRest might be the guy for the job.

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