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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Dominick Vitelli November 26, 2011 , No Comments
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When I started up Skyward Sword I wasn’t sure what to expect.  In my eyes Nintendo had lost touch with the hardcore game play elements that the Zelda franchise brought to the table. Could Nintendo get the Wii controls down correctly or would the game seem outdated graphically on the motion-based console? I bought the game and rushed it to my house. Out came the box was one of the greatest gaming experiences ever created.

Legend of Zelda games have always been known for an immerse storyline, glorious dungeons, and quirky characters that pull the player into the game. Skyward Sword is every single one of those things.

Skyward Sword is a prequel to the most renowned Zelda game Ocarina of time. Introducing a new main villian (NO GANONDORF WHAT?) and a plethora of enjoyable faces that accompany you on your adventure. It starts in a small main hub called Skyloft, a haven sent above the clouds to protect the people from the hoards of monster ravaging the surface. You awaken as Link on the day of the Wing Ceremony competing for knighthood and the lovely princess Zelda. You quickly enter conflict with a rival and take to the skies. Eventually Link comes out on top and gets some alone time with the female. While flying the beautiful skies with Zelda in tow, a great tornado rips her out of the sky. It’s time for Link, the centerpiece of an ancient legend, to protect the world from darkness and save Zelda.

Right off the bat I want to say Skyward Sword looks stunning. It is the best looking Zelda game and a true piece of art on the Wii. The graphics bring out the lighter more upbeat feeling that Zelda games have shown in the past by using a great mix of cartoon-like color and sleek detailed models. The landscapes are immaculate. Lush forests, exploding volcanoes, clouds, and skyline that make you never want to leave your house! Dungeons are dark and mysterious. You will be quickly pushed into taking on Link’s quest to just explore everything the environment has to offer. The UI is extremely manageable, lightweight, and changing from the various tools on the fly is easy and accessible. Plus it doesn’t take up much real estate on the screen. It can take up even less if you change the settings.

“The graphics bring out the lighter more upbeat feeling that Zelda games have shown in the past, using a great mix of cartoony colors, and sleek detailed models”

The sound in this game is also mind blowing. Beautifully orchestrated songs fill every zone. The new theme song for Skyward Sword is absolutely fantastic. As well as Links grunts being as sexy as ever.

The controls for this game are absolutely inviting. The thought of playing an entire Zelda game with motion controls seems daunting but once you pick up your Wiimote and Nunchuck for your sword and shield there is no turning back. (You must have the Wii MotionPlus adapter to get these results.) Every swing of your hand moves Link’s blade flawlessly and you feel like you are in the heart of battle. You can bash with your shield, charge your sword to use epic power blade long range attacks, control the movements of the beetle, and feel like a badass at the same time. The controls are fluid and for the first time in a Legend of Zelda game combat doesn’t get repetitive. Enemies will respond to how you attack, block or dodge. You must find different ways to kill the various types of creatures. If you don’t properly respond to the bad guys movements expect to have major problems. Every fight feels different with a new sense of difficulty and depth in the combat. I wanted to hack and slash my way through hundreds of enemies just to test the multiple ways I could decide to overpower them.

“The controls are fluid and for the first time in a Legend of Zelda game combat doesn’t get repetitive.”

Aerial controls at first are confusing. Though once you get the hang of flying on your Loftwing you can say goodbye to horses.

This game is challenging to players new and old. I am happy to be able to say that Nintendo has brought back many of the hardcore elements from the Ocarina of Time. Dungeons require thought and time. Battles with bosses and baddies can challenge you instead of being minor nuisances. This very well may be the hardest Zelda game of all time. However, the controls are easy to learn and even a newcomer of the Zelda series will be able to pick the game up and enjoy.

“I’m happy to be able to say that Nintendo has brought back many of the hardcore elements from the Ocarina of Time.” 

The game has a listed 40-50 hours of game time, a second playthrough, and plenty of side quests you can do to make your stay in the world more enjoyable.

A few new RPG elements were implemented such as a minor crafting system used to improve your items (i.e. scatter slingshot) or make your shields stronger. Things like crafting give an easy to understand but enjoyable RPG element the the series. Itis nice to see Nintendo throw in some fresh content along with this perfect package of Legend of Zelda nostalgia goodness.

This game is a 10/10.

This game is simply amazing. One of the finest works Nintendo has ever shipped to stores. Saying  it is better than Ocarina of Time is blasphemous. However, I would say Skyward Sword is almost as great.

Skyward Sword is a must buy. If you don’t have a Wii, you should purchase that also. You will not be let down.



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