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STWON: Timecrimes (it’s spanish.)

Julian Salyer September 13, 2012 No Comments

“Timecrimes” is a movie I liked that I’m having a hard time describing. It’s not a typical drama because the protagonists and antagonists are less traditional, sometimes they are one and the same, and in other cases your enemy is just time. But not like the way Justin Timberlake had to face time in “in Time” which was greatly punned and as you can tell by Justin’s follow up film (there wasn’t one) “In Time” was only so good.

I don’t want to give too much away, so note that I’m going to give away a mild spoiler in the sentences to come. I can tell you now that I do recommend this movie so if you would like to see for yourself, then go for it. If you don’t mind having the first 15 minutes of the film explained, then continue reading. Ok, here it comes… spolier city. So “Timecrimes” is about an everyday man who travels back in time, against his will and unintentionally. Hector, your protagonist in the film, sees a woman through the woods strip naked which peaks his interest. As he investigates further down the rabbit hole, he finds a bandaged man assumedly raping this girl because he is violent and oddly dressed. For a moment, it feels like you’re watching a horror film. While running from the bandaged man, Hector finds himself in a new circumstance where he has traveled through time, and the rest of the film analyzes new perspectives and angles for what has happened throughout the course of that day.

I liked “Timecrimes” because it takes a simple principle like time travel or “killer on the loose” and it adds new dimensions to an old tale. It presents fear in a new way and plays a little on the idea of chaos and how human kind handles tragedy. I know I’m speaking vaguely here, but the way that Hector grows and develops as he learns more about his experience through repetition is so fascinating but to describe it would give away a majority of the film. Also note, however, that the film does feel a bit slow because it plays like a riddle that you are constantly trying to solve. The difficulty with time travel that we can all relate to, is the old “butterfly effect” principle. If I drive a car, will I cause an accident that would have otherwise been prevented. And if you cause an accident, what will repairing that do? Hector faces all this and more, in “Timecrimes”!!! Also, it’s another “MAGNET” film, but trust me, I was just as disappointed with myself as you are.


BROAD vs. NICHE – I would place this in either category. The entire film is in spanish so that kills a large audience there. It’s also rather intellectual and somewhat slow, so boom and boom. But as a whole, the concept isn’t too hard to digest considering it’s about time travel so I feel comfortable suggesting this to large audiences but I’m sure there are a handful of folks that won’t enjoy it.

WATCHABILITY – I will admit, that at times the film felt slow, but I was constantly engaged. Some moments were more satisfying than others, but the film carries a lot of tension that helps take you through to the next scene. With time travel, every event as simple as shutting a door can feel monumental or epic and watching how the different time lines affect each other is a lot of fun. So overall, it’s half and half.

WHEN TO WATCH – When you have some time to think about what you’re watching. If you understand Spanish, I say go for it whenever, but in truth it’s still a thinker. This is the type of movie you can’t just hop off and clean some dishes during because every event matters. I’d say a weekday evening when you’ve got little on your mind and want to distract yourself from sleep and another days work in the morning. It’s an eventful film that will leave you feeling satisfied with wasting your time.

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